Annual Maintenance Contract

  • For Fire & Speciality vehicle
  • For Engine & Gen-Sets
  • For Solar Power Plants
  • For Bio-Gas Plants
  • For Smart School Education
  • For Power Car & Maintenance In Railways

As we all know The Perpitual Motion Machine is an Ideal Concept in Engineering. No machine can give output without any Input. Similar with the case of equipments, no equipments can give efficient outpout without proper maintenance of the Equipment/ Machines as an Input. This practice certainly increases the Self Life of Equipment/ Machines also. With this Concept we offer AMC & CAMC for Fire & Speciality Vehicles, Engines & Gensets, Solar Power Plants, Bio-Gas Plants, E-School etc. Generally we follow Breakdown maintenance & due to lake of proper technicians, our valuable Equipment/ Machines get repaired from road side repairers. During such repairs, they use of ungenuiene or alternate parts or they do unwanted engineering or machining to fit the available parts. By this the Original Specifications of the manufacturers get disturbed. Hence propogational damages of parts get start, in turn the life of the original Equipment/ Machines get disturbed and the maintenance cost rises drastically in the near future. Finally we scrap the equipments before its original manufacturers commited life and re-invest in new purchase. This can be avoided by following proper & schedule maintenance. We at ADD HITECH SERVICES provides maintenance Services as per the recommendetions of manufacturer, by the use of genuine parts, proper tools and with the help of our technical experts. We never follow any short cut or unwanted modifications in the original designs of the equipments, thus ensuring to give commercial benefits to our Customers in terms of Lowest Downtime, Longer Equipments Life, High efficiency from the equipment, Improved performance & Fuel efficiency & On time Services. At ADD HITECH SERVICES we care about you, that is why we proudly feature only the highest rated, highest quality Products & Services.

Customised Repairing Works

  • For Fire & Speciality vehicle
  • For Fire Pumps & PTOs
  • For Construction & Mining Equipments
  • For Engine & Genset Maintenance

As per the Companies Vision and the Core working area, we always strive to deliver beyond our Customer' Expectations and beliefs. Hence we derived an option of Customised & Economic Repairs in the bucket of our Product Range. Intention behind this is to enhance product/ Equipment life by using genuine spares, proper tools, condition base repairs as per original equipment manufactrers standerds in a Economic manner. History of our Organisations & our Valued Customers are evidence of that. With the help of our Senior Engineers & Expert Technicians having more then 20 years of experience we can deliver Customised Repairing Works in Fire & Speciality Vehicles, Fire Pumps & PTO, Construction & Mining Equipments, Engines Gensets. At ADD HITECH SERVICES we care about you, that is why we proudly feature only the highest rated, highest quality Products & Services. When it comes to finding the latest and best in repair services, please choose ADD HITECH SERVICES.