Indian Railways

Add Hitech Services provides best quality services for indian railways which includes Self Propelled Inspection Car (SPIC), Tower Wagon Maintenance, Power Car Operation, Engine Maintenance, Genset Maintenance.

Self Propelled Inspection Car (SPIC)

  • In Indian Railways on a regular basis zonal headquarters and divisional headquarters officers undertake inspection of level crossings, over head equipment, tracks and stations. The idea of regular inspection is to ensure safety and better provision of passenger amenities. Hence an Inspection Coach is derived. Usually Inspection Coach is hauled by a locomotive – electric or diesel which requires deployment of a separate locomotive, which is not only a costly method, but also involves a lot of turnaround time in the process of engine reversal. For this purpose, A Self-Propelled Inspection Car is designed after modifing oldage 700HP DEMU which were not in use now a days. This not only helped railways to save lots of Revenue against every inspection events but also to release a costly locomotive resource for regular passenger train operations. Some of the salient features of the new Self-Propelled Inspection Car rake are: Seating capacity for 16 persons, Seprate Conference Room, Sleek Sofas, Staff Room, Swanky pantry equipment, Inverter Back-up, 700 HP Diesel-Electric power pack for propulsion, Bio Toilets, Direct and indirect LED interior lighting, Fully air-conditioned car including driving cab, Fans, Both Cab Synchronized for smooth operations from either sides.

Tower Wagon Maintenance

  • The Tower Wagon is a self propelled unit includs a roof top Hydraulic elevating platform, engine cooling system, air brake system and driving cabs at both ends. Elevating platform with swiveling capability of 90 degree on each side provides access to the OHE. It is used for periodic inspection as well as for patrolling and maintenance of over-head electric transmission equipment of routes that are electrified. In addition to these, it is also used for attending sites of break down as well as for the restoration of damaged OHE equipment. The satisfactory up keep of tower wagon is of utmost importance and requires Schedule Maintenance of the equipment. We at ADD Hitech Services provides Services like Repairs & Rewiring of Control Panel & Dash Board Assembly, Maintenance of Hydraulic Lifting Platform.

Power Car Operation

  • Power Car is a vehicle equipped with machinery for supplying heat or electrical power to other parts of a train. In a complete passanger rake Two power cars each equipped with 2×750 kVA DG sets, one at each end of the train, supplies 3 phase power at 750 V AC power to each electrically interconnected air conditioned coach. The voltage is stepped down to 3 phase 400 V and supplied to standard voltage equipment on each coach. EOG( End-on-Generation) system is followed for fully air conditioned train like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duranto, Garib Rath, Premium special trains. LHB class of coaches is provided with the EOG system. As Gensets & Coupled Alternators are in continual use during moving trains, it not only requires monitoring during operations but also requires Schedule maintenance before the next round trip. We at ADD Hitech Services provides Services to Power Car Operations & Maintenance like Schedule & Periodic maintenance of Engine & Alternators before the next round trip, Maintenance of Power Control Pannel, Pannel Filters, Radiator Cleaning, Greasing, Cleaning of Power Car, Battery Health Check, Engine Oil Top Up, Deploying our Trained Technical Team for Monitoring Parameters and managing the Smooth Supplies to Coaches/Operations of Power Car. Thus ensuring trouble free travels of each passanger travelling in the train.

Engine Maintenance

  • Engine is an Integral Part as it is widely used in Railways like Locomotive Engines, Engines used In Power Cars, Tower Wagons, Rescue Eqquipments, Gensets for Various applications etc. and hence every engine requires Schedule maintenance. We at ADD Hitech Services provides Services of Overhauling, Schedule Maintenance, Break Down Maintenance of all Types of engines in vide applications with support of our Experienced, Trainned Technical Experts. We proud to inform that we not only follow maintenance practice as per OEM Standerds & recommendations but also using Genuine Spares.

Genset Maintenance

  • Power Generator Sets are widely used as an alternator source of Electrical Power. Hence it is treated as an Emergency Equipment. Now a days, due to high operation Cost it is used only in Power Failures, As an alternate soirce of Power in Field operations. Being Emergency equipment one has to keep it maintained. We at ADD HITECH SERVICES provides our Maintenance Service to these Electro- Mechanical Equipment through our Experienced, Trainned Technical Experts. Due to our expertise we can do Maintenance of any make Gensets. We proud to inform that we not only follow maintenance practice as per OEM Standerds & recommendations but also using Genuine Spares.